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Wheatbags to support Breast Cancer in NZ


Wheatbags to sooth the aches and pains. Special release designs to support Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

Unless specified any design will be sent based on availability at the time of order.


Hand Made in New Zealand by Kiwi Wheatbags

100% Cotton Fabric   
Size: 48cm x 14 cm   
Warm in the microwave to use as a heat pack  Chill in the freezer to use as a cold pack  3 Pockets for even wheat and heat distribution

Naturally Relieves and Soothes

Muscle & joint stiffness   
Sports injuries, sprains & strains    Tension & Stress   
Period pain   
Insect bites, minor burns 
Toothaches, Headaches & migraines

EACH PURCHASE $2 IS DONATED TO Breast Cancer Foundation 🎀 NZ from both Kiwi Wheatbags and us at It’s The Little Things


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